Dynamic RSA Problem in Spectrum Sliced Elastic Optical Path Network

Ireneusz Olszewski


Service time-varying traffic flexible optical networks require a dynamic bandwidth allocation in order to follow the source transmission rate. The problem of service time-varying traffic, assuming that the set of connection requests is not known in advance, is considered in this work. Connection requests arrive randomly with random duration of these connections. The considered dynamic RSA problem involves minimizing the probability of blocking additional slot requests on the ongoing connections while maintaining spectrum continuity constraints and non-overlapping spectrum assignment constraints between adjacent connections. The proposed algorithm determines the path with the required number of slots around the reference frequency for a connection request. An analysis of the network with time-varying traffic on the network connections was carried out on the basis of spectrum expansion/contraction schemes  which allow to determine average blocking probability of the additional slots requests on these connections. The obtained results have been  compared with those obtained by a well known algorithm that solves the static RSA problem.

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