An Android Security Policy Enforcement Tool

Kathryn Cotterell, Ian Welch, Aaron Chen


The Android operating system (OS) has become the dominant smart phone OS in recent years due to its accessibility, usability and its open-source philosophy. Consequently, this has also made it a popular target for attackers who aim to install malware on Android devices and take advantage of Android’s coarse-grained, non-revoking permission system. This project designs, implements and evaluates a security tool named COMBdroid, which addresses these security concerns in Android by enforcing fine-grained, user-defined policies. COMBdroid modifies an application before installation, allowing it to override points of security vulnerabilities at run-time. As a proof of concept we have implemented three policies in COMBdroid. This paper documents the development process of COMBdroid, deriving design decisions from the literature review, detailing the design and implementation, and proving the program’s effectiveness through evaluation. 

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