Analysis of the possibilities for using a uniform Bragg grating in a tunable dispersion compensator

Waldemar Wójcik, Piotr Kisała, Gulbahar Yussupova, Nazym Kussambayeva, Gulzhan Kashaganova, Damian Harasim


The article presents a tunable fibre optic dispersion compensator system, consisting of a specially designed cantilever beam and a uniform Bragg grating. It analyses the group delay and dispersion characteristics in the case that there is no apodization of the grating and also for a grating with apodization used for modulation of the refractive index. Various apodization parameters were tested, along with their effects on the dispersion characteristics of the entire system properties. It is demonstrated in the paper that the apodization parameter affects the compensator’s group delay characteristic. The finite elements method was used to design a compensator of such a shape that enabled chirp to be induced in a grating of a specified shape. A new design is presented for the system, in which the dispersion properties are tuned by the maximum value of the heterogeneous deformation of the compensator. The paper also includes results showing the effect of the maximum value of heterogeneous stress of the grating on the dispersion characteristics of the proposed construction.

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