A Minimum-Spanning-Tree-Inspired Algorithm for Channel Assignment in 802.11 Networks

Iwona Dolińska, Mariusz Jakubowski, Antoni Masiukiewicz, Grzegorz Rządkowski, Kamil Piórczyński


Channel assignment in 2.4 GHz band of 802.11 standard is still important issue as a lot of 2.4 GHz devices are in use. This band  offers only three non-overlapping channels, so in crowded environment users can suffer from high interference level.  In this paper, a greedy algorithm inspired by the Prim’s algorithm for finding minimum spanning trees (MSTs) in undirected graphs is considered for channel assignment in this type of networks. The proposed solution tested for example network distributions achieves results close to the exhaustive approach and is, in many cases, several orders of magnitude faster.

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