Energy-Efficient Routing Based on Dynamic Programming for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSNs)

Emansa Hasri Putra, Risanuri Hidayat, Widyawan Widyawan, I Wayan Mustika


Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSNs) advances can route multimedia applications from source nodes to a sink. However, they require energy efficiency and network lifetime due to limited power resources in the sensor nodes. This paper proposes an energy–efficient routing optimization for multimedia transmission in WMSNs. The optimization utilizes a routing algorithm based on the dynamic programming. The routing optimization algorithm selects intermediary nodes which have minimum energy above 60%. Then, the priority selection of paths immediately finds neighboring nodes which have the greatest energy minimum. If there is the same minimum energy between the neighboring nodes, then the second priority selection is based on smaller link cost.

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