Performance Evaluation of 60-GHz-WPAN System Distributed Over Multi-Mode Fiber

Moussa El Yahyaoui, Ali EL MOUSSATI, Kamel Haddadi


The manuscript deals with the assessment of Radio over Fiber (RoF) system including pure electrical baseband, pure radio frequency band centered around 60 GHz, and hybrid radiooptical system at the same RF band using a global simulation.
In this work we focus on RoF solution to improve the low coverage of the 60 GHz channel caused by high free-space attenuation. A realistic co-simulation of the Wireless PersonalArea Network (WPAN) IEEE802.15.3c-RoF was performed in aresidential environment for Line-Of-Sight (LOS) and Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS). In this work, we demonstrated a 60 GHz radio on Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF) using Optical Carrier Suppression (OCS) modulation. The BER (Bit Error Ratio) performance of this system is measured by varying the following parameters: optical launched power, fiber length, modulation format, Channel coding and Signal to Noise Ratio. We show that the RoF at 60 GHz can reach a minimum of 300 m of MMF without optical amplifiers followed by a 5 m wireless transmission with BER less than 10-3 in the LOS and NLOS environments.

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