BSIM3v3 to EKV2.6 Model Parameter Extraction and Optimisation using LM algorithm on 0.18 micron Technology node

Kirmender Singh, Piyush Jain


The industry standard BSIM3v3 and BSIM4.0 is replaced by new BSIM6.0 compact MOSFET model for deep submicron technology node. The BSIM6.0 will be next generation and defacto industry standard model for bulk MOSFET. It has inherited the concept of charge based continous model from the European standard EKV model which is also very popular among academics and analog designer community. BSIM6 is a combined effort by BSIM and EKV modeling group based on charge based continous equations. Although there are limitation on certain aspects of EKV model but it still offer its own benefits to have first cut design methodology because of its much simplified analytical equations. The inversion coefficient(IC) has been found extensive acceptance in designer community as it offers more design elegancy in EKV then more complicated BSIM model. This paper discuss first step in analog design process by extracted core EKV2.6 intrinsic model parameters from industry standard BSIM3v3 model on 0.18 micron technology node. The 0.18 micron technology is chosen as it is still more common technology node in analog circuits design. The model parameters are extracted for different bins and optimisation is done using nonlinear optimisation LM algorithm. The optimised EKV2.6 parameters are validated on different I-V's, intrinsic voltage gain and Early voltage circuit parameters.

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