Radio Environment Map for the Cognitive Radio Network Simulator

Piotr Bednarek, Jerzy Łopatka, Damian Bicki


Military wireless tactical systems has faced the problem of limited spectrum resources. This is a reason why Cognitive Radio (CR) is one of the most popular topic studied by research institutes in the field of mobile telecommunications. CR technology is based on cognitive cycle, used for making decisions based on observation and orientation. To support this activity, radios need also information on current position, electromagnetic situation, legal issues etc. These functions can be provided by Radio Environment Map (REM) database. It enables more flexible spectrum utilization and coexistence of Primary and Secondary Users (PUs, SUs) without harmful interferences. This paper presents a proposal of REM database structure and graphical user interface (GUI). It also describes GUI implementation in MATLAB and data structure. Database was implemented using the database engine – SQLite. The proposed REM database is a part of cognitive radio network simulator developed in the Institute of Telecommunications.

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