Performance Analysis of the Cognitive Radio Network with Opportunistic Spectrum Access

Radosław Chęciński, Anna Kaszuba-Chęcińska, Michał Kryk, Jerzy Łopatka, Krzysztof Malon, Paweł Skokowski


Efficient access to the spectral resources becomes a challenge for future military wireless communication systems. It requires spectral situation awareness, knowledge of current regulations, local policies and hardware platform limitations. It can be achieved by cognitive radios, realizing cognitive cycle, consisting typically of continuous observation, orientation, reasoning and decision making. All these elements must be realized in parallel and shouldn't interfere with each other. Even more difficult issue is related with cooperation between different nodes, especially in wireless domain, in harsh propagation conditions. Unpredictable phenomena create hard conditions for all deterministic behavior models, and their reproduction is a key element for efficient operation of the network. Very popular computer simulations are always simplified, and real time implementation gives an opportunity to make the next step in system elaboration. This paper presents a real-time demonstrator of cognitive radio network. It can work both in wired mode, using radio channel emulator and in mobile mode, to verify influence of real conditions on proposed cognitive solutions and assess their effectiveness.

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