On Ability of Troubleshooting by Observing Some Physical Layer Parameters of xDSL Transceivers

Namir Škaljo, Alen Begović, Emir Turajlić, Narcis Behlilović


This article presents a review of the investigation of the possibility of increasing the efficiency of existing line test solutions for troubleshooting testing for IPTV over xDSL, by the results of experimental research on real system under commercial exploitation. At the beginning of this article the main weaknesses of the existing troubleshooting testing are described. In the continuation of the article the physical layer parameters of xDSL transceiver are listed. In the reset this article provides a few specific examples of xDSL lines with their physical layer parameters of xDSL transceivers followed by analysis how they can be used for the purposes of more efficient measurement of parameters of copper pairs.

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