Damped Zero-Pseudorandom Noise OFDM Systems

Ahmed Hamada Esmaiel


This paper proposed a new OFDM scheme called damped zero-pseudorandom noise orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (DZPN-OFDM) scheme. In the proposed scheme, ZPN-OFDM non-zero part damped to reduce the guard interval energy as well as the mutual interference power in-between the data and training blocks, and conservative the pseudo-noise conventional properties required for channel estimation or synchronization. The motivation of this paper is the OFDM long guard interval working in wide dispersion channels, where significant energy waste if conventional ZPN-OFDM is used as well as the BER performance degradation. Also, to solve the ZPN-OFDM spectrum efficiency loss problem, the proposed scheme doesn’t duplicate the guard interval. Both detailed performance analysis and simulation results show that the proposed DZPN-OFDM scheme can, indeed, offer significant bit error rate, spectrum efficiency as well as energy efficiency improvement.

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