Comparison of Different Wavelength Propagations over Few-Mode Fiber based on Space Division Multiplexing in Conjunction with Electrical Equalization

aras Al-Dawoodi, A. Fareed, T. Masuda, A. Ghazi, A. M. Fakhrudeen, S. A. Aljunid, S. Z. S. Idrus, A. Amphawan


Abstract—Nonlinearities in optical fibers deteriorate system performances and become a major performance-limiting issue. This article aims to investigate the compensation of nonlinear distortions in optical communication systems based on different wavelength propagations over few-mode fiber (FMF). The study adopted Space Division Multiplexing (SDM) based on decision feedback equalizer (DFE). Various transmission wavelength of the FMF system is applied to mitigate the attenuation effect on the system. In this paper, different wavelengths (780, 850 and 1550 nm) are used in SDM. Extensive simulation is performed to assess the attenuation and Bit Error Rate (BER) in each case. The results show that the wavelength of 1550 nm produces higher power and less attenuation in the transmission. Furthermore, this wavelength produces the best distance with less BER compared to 780 nm and 850 nm wavelengths. Moreover, the validations show improvement in BER and eye diagram.

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