A Hepta-band Antenna Loaded with E-shaped Slot for S/C/X-band Applications

Imran Khan, Geetha D Devanagavi, Sudhindra K R, Rashmitha R K, Raksha Gunjal, Tanweer Ali


A compact planar multiband antenna operating at 3.1 (S-band) /4.7/6.4/7.6 (C-band) /8.9/10.4/11.8 GHz (X-band) is presented. The proposed Microstrip Patch Antenna (MSPA) consists of a rectangular radiator in which an E-shaped slot is etched out and a microstrip feed line. The E-shaped slot modifies the total current path thereby making the antenna to operate at seven useful bands. No external impedance matching circuit is used and the impedance matching at these bands are solely achieved by using a rectangular microstrip feed line of length 10mm (L6) and width 2mm (W10). The antenna has a compact dimension of and exhibits S11<-10dB bandwidth of about 6.45% (3.2-3.0GHz), 8.5% (4.9-4.5GHz), 7.6% (6.7-6.2GHz), 3.9% (7.8-7.5GHz), 5.7% (9.1-8.6GHz), 1.2% (10.44-10.35GHz) and 2.2% (11.87-11.62GHz). The simulation analysis of the antenna is carried out by using HFSS v.13.0

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