Design and Analysis of Circular Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna

Kaustubh Bhattacharyya, Rupanda Thangjam, Sivaranjan Goswami, Kumaresh Sarmah, Sunandan Baruah


This paper presents a novel complementary CPWfed
slotted microstrip patch antenna for operation at 2.4 GHz,
5.2 GHz and 6.3 GHz frequencies. The primary structure consists
of the complementary split ring resonator slots on a patch
and the design is fabricated on FR-4 epoxy substrate with
substrate thickness of 1.6 mm. The described structure lacks
the presence of a ground plane and makes use of a number of
circular complementary SRRs along with rectangular slots on
the radiating patch. The structure provides a wide bandwidth
of around 390 MHz, 470 MHz and 600 MHz at the three
bands with return losses of -11.5 dB, -24.3996dB and -24.4226
dB, respectively. The inclusion of the rectangular slots in the
CSRR based slot antenna with stairecase structure improved the
performance with respect to return loss.

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