Dual Band Integrated Wideband Multi Resonating Patch Antenna for C-Band and Ku –Band Applications

Karunesh Srivastava, Rajeev Singh


A wideband antenna with dual band characteristic at 5.33/14.3 GHz with resonating frequencies for wireless applications is presented. The strategy of the design is to introduce multiband in antenna band. Band width of the antenna increases by embedding annular ring on the radiating patch and four bands are achieved by introducing coupling gap between the patches. Surface current distribution is analyzed at different resonating frequencies for understanding the radiation mechanism and effect of annular ring. The antenna parameters such as return loss, radiation pattern, gain, VSWR and group delay are discussed. The  impedance  bandwidth of the proposed dual band antenna at  lower resonant frequency is  12.7% (simulated) and 9.8 % (measured) whereas at upper resonant frequency is 15.3 % (simulated) and 13.97 % (measured).The proposed antenna structures are simulated by HFSS tool and the structure is fabricated for verification of simulated results by experiment.

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