Comparative Analysis of the Efficiency of Detecting Some Amplitude-Phase Modulated Signals in Wireless Communication Systems

Ivan Petrovych Maksymiv, Andriy Petrovych Bondariev, Ivan Volodymyrovych Horbatyi, Sergiy Ihorovych Altunin


This article presents the results of the research of noise-immunity of wireless communication systems using signals that are formed on the basis of eight-position quadrature-amplitude modulation (8-QAM) and eight-position amplitude modulation of many components (8-AMMC). The research was conducted using simulation of a wireless communication system, built using a detector, implemented on the basis of a phase locked loop. The influence of phase locked loop parameters on the detection quality of these signals in the condition of the interference in the communication channel was researched, and a comparative analysis of the noise immunity of wireless communication systems using these signals was carried out.

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