CNTFET Based OTRA and its Application as Inverse Low Pass Filter

Dinesh Prasad, Divyam Tayal, Ayesha Yadav, Laxya Singla, Zainab Haseeb


Operational Transresistance Amplifier (OTRA) has been a topic of great interest recently. OTRA has proved itself to be an appropriate device for the analog applications. As MOS scaling suffers from various problems, carbon nanotube field effect transistor (CNTFET) has came into light as one of the brightest alternative for FET (Field Effect Transistors) based devices. This work has introduced a new CNTFET based OTRA which is capable of realising inverse low pass filter using two OTRAs and few passive elements. CNTFET based OTRA has been designed and simulated at 10nm technology node. The working ability of the designed model has been conformed using HSPICE simulation. It is compared with conventional CMOS based OTRA. The comparative analysis has revealed improvement in various performance parameters. The paper also presents how change in number of carbon nanotube in CNTFETs in OTRA circuit affects the transresistance gain and input impedance. The optimized results are also discussed to improve transresistance gain and input impedance. The paper also dealt with the realisation of inverse low pass filter using proposed CNTFET based OTRA.

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