A low power and high performance hardware design for automatic epilepsy seizure detection

Syed Rafiammal, Dewan Najumnissa, Govindarajan Anuradha, Kaja Mohideen, Jawahar Periyan Kandasamy, Syed Abdul Mutalib


An application specific integrated design using Quadrature Linear Discriminant Analysis is proposed for automatic detection of normal and epilepsy seizure signals from EEG recordings in epilepsy patients. Five statistical parameters are extracted to form the feature vector for training of the classifier. The statistical parameters are Standardised Moment, Co-efficient of Variance, Range, Root Mean Square Value and Energy. The Intellectual Property Core performs the process of filtering, segmentation, extraction of statistical features and classification of epilepsy seizure and normal signals. The design is implemented in Zynq 7000 Zc706 SoC with average accuracy of 99%, Specificity of 100%, F1 score of 0.99, Sensitivity of  98%  and Precision of 100 % with error rate of 0.0013/hr., which is approximately zero false detection

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