Perturbation Element Effect on Frequency Stability in Dual Mode Reconfigurable Filters Based On Circular Microstrip Ring Resonators

Muhamad Haitham Albahnasi, Adnan Malki, Shokri Almekdad


A detailed study about the suitable perturbation element shape and location for tunable BW dual mode microstrip filter which has circular ring resonator is presented. BW tuning is achieved by resonator geometry modification. The study explains the effect of                       a perturbation element on the stability of the center frequency during BW tuning. Different cases have been studied for two shapes of perturbation element; which one is a rectangular and the other is a radial. The treated cases discuss whether the perturbation element is located in the inner or in the outer circumference of the ring, and whether it is a patch or a notch. BW tuning simulation treated the case of increase for two and three times. The best case of perturbation element which has the best center frequency stability has been modeled, simulated, and fabricated at 2.4 GHz. Geometry modification of the filter took into account the RF MEMS modeling. The filter has an elliptic frequency response, and its FBW has been increased in five steps from 1.7% to 5%. The designed filters were evaluated experimentally and    by simulation with very good agreement.

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