A Solar-Powered Fertigation System based on Low-Cost Wireless Sensor Network Remotely Controlled by Farmer for Irrigation Cycles and Crops Growth Optimization

Paolo Visconti, Roberto De Fazio, Patrizio Primiceri, Donato Cafagna, Sergio Strazzella, Nicola Ivan Giannoccaro


Nowadays, the technological innovations affect all human activities; also the agriculture field heavily benefits of technologies as informatics, electronic, telecommunication, allowing huge improvements of productivity and resources exploitation. This manuscript presents an innovative low cost fertigation system for assisting the cultures by using data-processing electronic boards and wireless sensors network (WSN) connected to a remote software platform. The proposed system receives information related to air and soil parameters, by a custom solar-powered WSN. A control unit elaborates the acquired data by using dynamic agronomic models implemented on a cloud platform, for optimizing the amount and typology of fertilizers as well as the irrigations frequency, as function also of weather forecasts got by on-line weather service.

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