Modified Groove Coupled Compact EBG Unit Cell as Notch Filter in a UWB Antenna

Kumaresh Sarmah, Angana Sarma, Sivaranjan Goswami, Sunandan Baruah


In this paper, a conventional mushroom-type EBG
unit cell is made compact by etching a C-slot at its conducting
surface. Further, the C-slotted mushroom-type EBG unit cell is
coupled with a microstrip line using a novel groove-coupling
technique to design a notch filter. The arrangement has achieved
in the reduction of the electrical size of the mushroom type EBG
unit cell by 46.15% and create a stop band suppression of -12 dB.
The proposed EBG is applied to notch a narrow band centered
at 5.2 GHz along with an ultra-wideband antenna. The far field
gain of the antenna is suppressed by- 5.8 dBi along the direction
of its major lobe at 5.2 GHz. The overall size of the antenna
system is 19×27×1.6mm3 which is compact. The performance
of the antenna is validated from the simulation and measured

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