Installation for concentrated uniform heating of objects by microwave radiation

Dmitry Viktorovich Ritter, Jacek Cieslik, Vladimir Kismereshkin, Alexey Savostin, Ekaterina Ritter, Nabi Nabiev


A design of microwave installation for energy concentration on a surface of a heated object is proposed. In the installation a dipole lattice on the basis of a single-wire transmission line is used which is located inside of reflector in a form of specular parabolic conducting cylinder. The heated object is placed in the area of microwave energy concentration.
In the article a waveguide field of a surface wave in a reradiation mode is explored. The surface wave is reradiated by a group of vibrators coaxial with the waveguide wire. Results of experimental studies of field distribution along the waveguide operating in various modes are presented. The possibility of efficiency increase in reradiated field and its adjustment by contactless movement of reflector is shown.

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