Measuring Process via Sampling of Signals, and Functions with Attributes

Andrzej Marek Borys


In this paper, it has been shown that any measuring process can be modeled as a process of sampling of signals.  Also, a notion of a special kind of functions, called here functions with attributes, has been introduced. The starting point here, in the first of the above themes, is an observation that in fact we are not able to measure and record truly continuously in time any physical quantity. The measuring process can be viewed as going stepwise that is in steps from one instant to another, similarly as a sampling of signals proceeds. Therefore, it can be modeled as the latter one. We discuss this in more detail here. And, the notion of functions with attributes, we introduced here, follows in a natural way from the interpretation of both the measuring process as well as the sampling of signals that we present in this paper. It turns out to be useful.

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