Modernization of DVB-S2 Standard Using Signal-Code Constructions Based on Amplitude Modulation of Many Components

Ivan Volodymyrovych Horbatyi, Yevhen Yashchyshyn


It is proposed to modernize the DVB-S2 standard by using AMMC (amplitude modulation of many components) signals instead of 8PSK (8-phase shift keying) and APSK (amplitude-phase shift keying) signals, and to modernize the DVB-S2 standard equipment by using the AMMC modulator and AMMC demodulator. Usage of AMMC makes it possible to reduce the symbol error rate in communication channel up to 52 times. The satellite digital video broadcast systems that apply signal-code constructions based on AMMC are characterized by a higher energy efficiency from 1 to 2.6 dB compared with signal-code constructions based on 8PSK and APSK.

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