Development of Speaker Voice Identification Using Main Tone Boundary Statistics for Applying To Robot-Verbal Systems

Yedilkhan Amirgaliyev, Timur Musabayev, Didar Yedilkhan, Waldemar Wojcik, Zhazira Amirgaliyeva


Abstract—Hereby there is given the speaker identification basic system. There is discussed application and usage of the voice interfaces, in particular, speaker voice identification upon robot and human being communication. There is given description of the information system for speaker automatic identification according to the voice to apply to robotic-verbal systems. There is carried out review of algorithms and computer-aided learning libraries and selected the most appropriate, according to the necessary criteria, ALGLIB. There is conducted the research of identification model operation performance assessment at different set of the fundamental voice tone. As the criterion of accuracy there has been used the percentage of improperly classified cases of a speaker identification.

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