Differential cryptanalysis of new Qamal encryption algorithm

Kunbolat Algazy, Ludmila Babenko, Rustem Biyashev, Evgeniya Ishchukova, Ryszard Romaniuk, Nursulu Kapalova, Andrzej Smolarz, Saule Nysynbaeva


Currently, the Republic of Kazakhstan is developing a new standard for symmetric data encryption. One of the candidates for the role of the standard is the Qamal encryption algorithm developed by the Institute of Information and Computer Technologies (Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan). The article describes the algorithm. Differential properties of the main operations that make up the Qamal cypher are considered in the questions of stability. We have shown that for a version with a 128-bit data block and the same secret key size for three rounds of encryption it is difficult to find the right pairs of texts with a probability of 2–120, which makes differential cryptanalysis not applicable to the Qamal cypher

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