Localization technique of IoT nodes using artificial neural networks (ANN)

Beata Krupanek, Ryszard Bogacz


One of the ways to improve calculations related to determining the position of a node in the Iot measurement system is to use artificial neural networks (ANN) to calculate coordinates. The method described in the article is based on the measurement of the RSSI (Received Signal Strenght Indicator), whitch value is then processed by the neural network. Hence, the proposed system works in two stages. In the first stage, RSSI coefficient samples are taken, and then the node location is determined on an ongoing basis. Coordinates anchor nodes (i.e. sensors with fixed and previously known positions) and the matrix of RSSI coefficients are used in the learning process of the neural network. Then the RSSI matrix determined for the system in which the nodes with unknown positions are located is fed into the neural network inputs. The result of the work is a system and algorithm that allows determining the location of the object without processing data separately in nodes with low computational performance.

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