On the use of the cloud platform in the work of the Scientific and Educational Cluster

Nurlan M. Temirbekov, Tahir M. Takabayev, Dossan R. Baigereyev, Waldemar Wójcik, Konrad Gromaszek, Almas N. Temirbekov, Bakytzhan B. Omirzhanova


The process of designing and creating an integrated distributed information system for storing digitized works of scientists of research institutes of the Almaty academic city is analyzed. The requirements for the storage of digital objects are defined; a comparative analysis of the open source software used for these purposes is carried out. The system fully provides the necessary computing resources for ongoing research and educational processes, simplifying the prospect of its further development, and allows to build an advanced IT infrastructure for managing intellectual capital, an electronic library that is intended to store all books and scientific works of the Kazakhstan Engineering Technological University and research institutes of the Almaty academic city.

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