City backbone network traffic forecasting

Tansaule G. Serikov, Ainur Zhetpisbayeva, Аinur Аkhmediyarova, Sharafat Mirzakulova, Aigerim Kismanova, Aray Tologenova, Waldemar Wójcik


The work considers a one-dimensional time series  protocol packet intensity, measured on the city backbone network. The intensity of the series is uneven. Scattering diagrams are constructed. The Dickie Fuller test and Kwiatkowski-Phillips Perron-Shin-Schmitt test were applied to determine the initial series to the class of stationary or non-stationary series. Both tests confirmed the involvement of the original series in the class of differential stationary. Based on the Dickie Fuller test and Private autocorrelation function graphs, the Integrated Moving Average Autoregression Model model is created. The results of forecasting network traffic showed the adequacy of the selected model.

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