TiAl-based Ohmic Contacts to p-type 4H-SiC

Agnieszka Martychowiec, Norbert Kwietniewski, Kinga Kondracka, Aleksander Werbowy, Mariusz Sochacki


This paper describes successfully formed ohmic contacts to p-type 4H-SiC based on titanium-aluminum alloys. Four different metallization structures were examined, varying in aluminum layer thickness (25, 50, 75, 100 nm) and with constant thickness of the titanium layer (50 nm). Structures were annealed within the temperature range of 800°C - 1100°C and then electrically characterized. The best electrical parameters and linear, ohmic character of contacts demonstrated structures with Al layer thickness equal or greater than that of Ti layer and annealed at temperatures of 1000°C or higher.

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