SoPC-based DMA for PCI Express DAQ cards

Krzysztof Mroczek


This paper presents low-cost, configurable PCI
Express (PCIe) direct memory access (DMA) interface for
implementation on Intel Cyclone V FPGAs. The DMA engine was
designed to support DAQ tasks including continuous pretriggering
acquisition for transient analysis and multichannel
transmission. Proposed solution is based on Intel SoPC resources.
Performance of the interface has been evaluated on Terasic OVSK
board (PCIe Gen2 x4). Target configuration of this interface is
based on the Avalon-MM Hard IP for Cyclone V PCIe core and
Jungo WinDriver x64 for Windows. A sample speed of 1200 MB/s
has been reported for DMA writes to PCIe memory.

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