Design and Analysis of a Hybrid Circularly Polarized Multi-Band MIMO Antenna for Sub 6 GHz Applications

S. Salma, Khan Habibulla, B.T.P. Madhav, D. Ram Sandeep, M. Suman


In this article, a hybrid circularly polarized Multiple-
Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) antenna for multiband operation
from 2.3 to 9.2 GHz with impedance bandwidth of 7 GHz is
proposed and investigated experimentally. The designed MIMO
antenna model has a compact size of 20mm×40mm×1.6mm on
FR4-substrate. The microstrip fed of the proposed slot antenna
consists of a tapered structure, and the radiating element consists
of the inverted L- shaped slots and opened on both sides of the
radiating element to introduce notches at the sub-6 GHz
frequencies. L-shaped stubs are introduced on another side of the
substrate in the common ground plane to attain high isolation
between the radiating elements of the proposed antenna. In the
operating band from 2.3 to 9.2 GHz an isolation of less than -20 dB
is attained from the proposed model. The performance of the
circularly polarized MIMO antenna in terms of RHCP and LHCP
radiation patterns, axial ratio, surface current distributions,
isolation between the ports, diversity gain (DG), envelope
correlation coefficient (ECC), total active reflection coefficient
(TARC) and peak gain are studied and presented in this work. The
obtained characteristics of the proposed antenna make it suitable
for sub-6-GHz frequency applications.

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