Study of a high-voltage switching power supply pa-rameters

Boris Martemianov, Alexander Ryzhkov, Grigoriy Vdovin


A principle diagram of a high-voltage low-power power supply for devices comprising a microchannel plate (MCP) has been developed. A mathematical model was built according to the developed scheme for a detailed study of the operation of the power supply and the selection of the optimal parameters of its components and obtaining the best output voltages. The power supply circuit comprises a control circuit, a pulse transformer, a voltage multiplier circuit, a feedback circuit, and an input stabilizer. The input stabilizer provides the maintenance of the voltage switched in the primary winding of the transformer at a given level regardless of the voltage drop of the power supply primary source. Moreover the stabilizer provides constant voltage maintenance when the load resistance changes. (with Rload changing from 100 to 200 MΩ, Uout did not exceed 3 V)

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