Band Notch Characteristics Reconfigurable UWB Leaf Shape Monopole Antenna

Pachiyaannan Muthusamy, Srikanta Nallapaneni, Krishna Chaitanya Perumalla, Bharghava Punna


In this paper a band notch characteristics reconfigurable UWB leaf shape monopole antenna is reported. The proposed antenna size is 42×32×1.6 mm3 and simulated S11  -10dB impedance bandwidth is from 2.1 to 13.0 GHz. The notch bands are embodied into the designed antenna to suppress Bluetooth and WiFi bands from  2.3-2.7 GHz and 4.6-5.3 GHz. The PIN Diode is loaded to slot on the DGS to achieve  notch bands. It has 4.48dB and 1.7dB gain achieved when diode ON and OFF condition. Further, it encompasses a bio-inspired leaf shape patch having high feasibility for deployment in secret and  military purposes.

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