Performance Analysis of Relay-Assisted Device-to-Device Communication

Zakir Hussain, Haider Mehdi, Syed Muhammad Atif Saleem, Aashir Mahboob


Outage and Success performances of an amplify-and-forward relay-assisted D2D communication system over a κ-μ shadowed fading wireless link are presented here. Co-channel interference (CCI) is assumed to affect the D2D signals at relay and destination nodes. The system is analyzed with two scenarios, namely, with diversity combining and without diversity combining. Selection combining (SC) based diversity scheme is incorporated at the D2D receiver to combat fading conditions. The expressions for success and outage probabilities are presented by using the characteristic function approach. The expressions are functions of path-loss exponents, wireless link length between relay and D2D source node, wireless link length between the receiver node and relay, distances between interferers and the relay node, CCI distances from various devices of the system, fading channel. The numerical analysis for various scenarios is presented and analyzed.

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