Wearable Textile Antenna for Glucose Level Monitoring

Asha Ghodake, Balaji Hogade


Wearable antennas are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their wide range of applications, including communication, health parameter monitoring, and so on. If the wearable antenna is built of textile material, it is highly comfortable to wear and has numerous benefits, such as light weight, compact size, and low cost. A 1.3 GHz microstrip antenna made from jeans substrate is presented in this work. For conducting patch and ground plane copper material is used. The electromagnetic properties of the jeans substrate are dielectric constant r = 1.7 and loss tangent tan= 0.01. The main application of this antenna is glucose level monitoring. Three levels of glucose, i.e., hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, and normal glucose level, are observed using this antenna. The antenna is placed over the arm in the first scenario, while the finger is placed over the antenna patch in the second case. When the glucose concentration in the blood varies, the blood properties change, and the antenna frequency shifts as a result. That frequency shift is used to find out the three glucose levels. The advantage of jeans substrate is that you can wear this antenna very easily over your arm. The antenna was designed using HFSS software and tested using an arm phantom and a finger phantom designed in HFSS.


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