Metrological Aspects of Controlling the Rotational Movement Parameters of the Auger for Dewatering Solid Waste in a Garbage Truck

Waldemar Wójcik, Oleh V. Bereziuk, Mykhailo Lemeshev, Volodymyr Bohachuk, Leonid Polishchuk, Oksana Bezsmertna, Saule Smailova, Saule Kurmagazhanova


In the article, a device for measuring the parameters of the rotational movement of the auger for dewatering solid waste is proposed based on the analysis of signal processing methods and measurement of physical quantities. It can be used in the development of high-performance special vehicles for transporting waste as the main link in the structure of machines for the collection and primary processing of solid waste. The structural scheme of the means and block diagram of the microcontroller control program algorithm for implementation of the device for measuring the parameters of the rotational motion are proposed. The main technical characteristics of the proposed means are given. The results of experimental tests for measuring the parameters of rotational motion are shown. The results of experimental studies, which are given in the work, confirmed the reliability of the measured parameters.

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