A Dual-Band Compact Integrated Rectenna for Implantable Medical Devices

Shamil Hamzah Hussein Alnajjr, Prof. Khalid Khalil Mohammed


This work describes a dual band compact fully integrated rectenna circuit for implantable medical devices. The implantable rectenna circuit consists of tunnel diode 10×10µm2 QW-ASPAT (Quantum Well Asymmetric Spacer Tunnel Layer diode) was used as the rectifier due to its temperature insensitivity and non-linearity compared with conventional SBD diodes. A miniaturized dual band implantable folded dipole antenna with multiple L-shaped conducting sections for operation in the WMTS band is 1.5GHz and ISM band of 5.8GHz. High dielectric constant material Gallium Arsenide (εr=12.94) and folded geometry helps to design compact antennas with a small footprint of 2.84mm3 (4.5×1×0.63) mm3. Four-layer human tissue model was used, where the antenna was implanted in the skin model at depth of 2mm. The 10-dB impedance bandwidths of the proposed compact antenna at 1.5GHz and 5.8GHz are 227MHz (1.4-1.63GHz) with S11 is -22.6dB and 540MHz (5.47-6.02GHz) with S11 is -23.1dB, whereas gains are -36.9dBi, and -24.3dBi, respectively. The output DC voltage and power of the rectenna using two stage rectifiers are twice that produced by the single stage at input RF power of 10dBm.

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