Method for simultaneous monitoring of uterine contractions and abdominal pushing in a childbirth

Dariusz Stanislaw Radomski


Effective and safe labour requires good cooperation of all the physiological systems. A proper synchronization of uterine and abdominal muscles is necessary for labour progression. Therefore, a new method for simultaneous monitoring of uterine activities and parturient’s pushing efforts is presented. A high sampled, rectified electrohysterographic signal is divided into a low, uterine passband (0.1-3.00Hz) and a high, muscular (40-100Hz) one. The time-dependent mean frequencies arse estimated for each passband separately. At the moments of uterine contraction the time-dependent LOW mean frequency was locally increased. During parturient’s  pushing effort the HIGH mean frequency was increased in the manner typical for the skeletal muscles. It seems that the proposed method would be less sensitive to a measuring noise than the previously published RMS based estimators.  Moreover, the proposed method enables to monitor fatigue of a uterus or abdominal muscles during the prolonged  2nd stage of a labour. It can be helpful to make a decision of Caesarean section.

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