An innovative sCMOS based autonomous astronomical camera dedicated to universal use for SST and other fields of optical astronomy.

Paweł Zienkiewicz, Katarzyna Karpińska, Mikołaj Jamroży, Bartłomiej Juszczyk, Dmytro Pochapskyi, Tomasz Przedpełski, Jerzy Łukasiewicz, Natalia Czortek, Grzegorz Brona


Creotech Instruments is advancing a game-changing sCMOS camera series. The Final Prototype Model of an astronomical camera for Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) is in the test campaign phase. Designed for SST, NEO, and debris detection, its adaptable platform suits quantum tech and biological microscopy. Edge computing sets it apart, leveraging FPGA-based SoC for real-time processing and Linux-based pre-processing. Operating autonomously, it supports on-camera ML algorithms, revolutionizing astronomy. Data pre-processing, like frame stacking, reduces data load. This paper introduces the camera's concept, architecture, and prototype test results, emphasizing specific use cases and future product line development.

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