Electronic and Photonic Systems WILGA 2014

Ryszard S. Romaniuk


Symposium Wilga 2014, in its 34th edition, was organized during the last week of May. Symposium is organized under the auspices of SPIE, IEEE, Photonics Society of Poland, WEiTI PW, and PKOpto SEP. The event gathered around 350 persons, mainly young researchers from the  whole country. There were presented around 250 speeches and communications. The main book of Symposium Proceedings is Proc. SPIE vol.9290 which contains around 130 papers. A few tens of papers were also published in technical journals. The leading topics of Wilga 2014 were gathered in key sessions: nano-materials for photonics and electronics, astronomy and space technology, biomedicine, computational intelligence, visualization and multimedia, and large research experiments. The paper presents a digest of some topical tracks, and chosen  work results presented during WILGA 2014 Symposium.

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