Computer Controlled System for the Magnetron Sputtering Deposition of the Metallic Multilayers

Jacek Stępień, Konstanty Marszałek, Ryszard Mania


Deposition of the metallic multilayers is a part
of the scientific program on the chemical reaction leading to
intermetallic compound formation. This reaction is known as self
propagation high temperature synthesis (SHS). The key problem
in this investigation is to produce the metallic multilayer system
with good repeatability of thin films thicknesses. Thin should
be thin, parallel and with low volume of intermixing region
between components. Computer control system for the pulsed
(mid frequency MF) magnetron sputtering equipment dedicated
for metallic multilayers deposition is presented in this paper. The
rotation velocity of the sample holder and the gas inlet through
membrane valves are the main parameters controlled by the
system. Parameters of the magnetron gun power supply, sample
temperature and technological gas pressure are registered. The
process cards which define all process parameters are collected
for each dedicated process type. All cards are collected in a
process cards library which permits for full automatization of
all operations. Software was written in a graphical LabVIEW

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