Estimation of Solar Irradiation on Inclined Surface Based on Web Databases

Gustaw Mazurek


Estimation of Global Tilted Irradiation (GTI) is a key to performance assessment of typical solar systems since they usually employ tilted photovoltaic (PV) modules or collectors.
Numerous solar radiation databases can deliver irradiation values both on horizontal and tilted plane,
however they are validated mostly with horizontal-plane ground measurements.
In this paper we have compared GTI estimates retrieved from five Internet databases
with results of measurements at two PV systems located in Poland.
Our work shows that in spite of good agreement in annual scale,
there is a tendency to underestimate GTI in summer and overestimate in winter, when PV modules can receive less than a half of expected irradiation.
The latter issue affects sizing of PV system components and implies a correction needed to achieve all-year long operation.

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