A New Trust Framework for E-Government in Cloud of Things


  • Thamer Al-Rousan Isra University
  • Hasan Abualese
  • Bassam AL-SHARGABI


The concept of Cloud of Things becomes important for each e-government, facilitating its way of work, increasing its productivity and all that leading to cost savings. It will likely have a significant impact on the e-governments in the future. E-government diversity goals face many challenges. Trust is a major challenge when deploying Cloud of Things in e-government. In this paper, a new trust framework is proposed that supports trust between Internet of Things devices interconnected to the Cloud in order to support e-government services to be delivered in trusted manner. The proposed framework has been applied to a use case study to ensure the trustworthiness of the proposed framework in a real mission. The results show that the proposed trust framework is useful to ensuring a trust environment for Cloud of Things in order to continue providing and gathering data needed to provide services to users through the E-government services.


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