Impulse Noise Suppression Based on Power Iterative ICA in Power Line Communication


  • Wei Zhang Sichuan University of Science and Engineering
  • Zhongqiang Luo Sichuan University of Science and Engineering
  • Xingzhong Xiong Sichuan University of Science and Engineering


To overcome the detrimental influence of  impulse noise in power line communication and the trap of scarce prior information in traditional noise suppression schemes , a power iteration based fast independent component analysis (PowerICA) based noise suppression scheme is designed in this paper. Firstly, the pseudo-observation signal is constructed by weighted processing so that single-channel blind separation model is transformed into the multi-channel observed model. Then the proposed blind separation algorithm is used to separate noise and source signals. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm is verified by experiment simulation.  Experiment results show that the proposed algorithm has better separation effect, more stable separation and less implementation time than that of FastICA algorithm, which also improves the real-time performance of communication signal processing.






Signals, Circuits, Systems