Design and Testing of a Telemetry System Based on STM X-Nucleo Board for Detection and Wireless Transmission of Sensors Data Applied to a Single-Seat Formula SAE Car


  • Paolo Visconti University of Salento - Dept. of Innovation Engineering
  • Bernardo Sbarro University of Salento - Dept. of Innovation Engineering
  • Patrizio Primiceri University of Salento - Dept. of Innovation Engineering
  • Roberto de Fazio University of Salento - Dept. of Innovation Engineering
  • Aimè Lay Ekuakille University of Salento - Dept. of Innovation Engineering


The emerged potentials and opportunities in the electronics field, which facilitate the creation of complex projects with innovative functionalities and high performances, while maintaining low costs, are becoming even more appreciated by designers, engineers and users. In this research work, a telemetry system was realized in order to monitor and control the principal physical and mechanical parameters of a racing vehicle by employing devices, available on the market, at very low cost. The used STM32 Nucleo development board, heart of realized telemetry system, properly programmed with the developed firmware, acquires data from sensors installed on vehicle and, by means of a WiFi module, sends them to a base station. A CAN module interfaces the engine control unit with the Nucleo board, allowing to control the engine parameters by proper sensors. All detected sensors data are both sent wirelessly and stored on a SD memory card for avoiding data losses and to implement a system robust and reliable. Experimental results show that all received data from base station are in accordance between themselves, reporting vehicle parameters for different driving and track conditions.

Author Biography

Paolo Visconti, University of Salento - Dept. of Innovation Engineering

Department of Innovation Engineering - Engineering Faculty

Electronics Teacher and Senior Researcher


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