Design and Simulation of 2×2Micro Strip Circular Patch Antenna Array at 28 GHz for 5G Mobile Station Application


  • Salim Abdulla Hasan Alhadba University College
  • Abdulsattar Mohamed Ahmed Alhadba University College
  • Mohanad Nawfal Abdulqader Alhadba University College
  • Younis Shareef Dawood Alhadba University College


This paper propose the design and simulation of 2  circular patch antenna array working at 28 GHz by using four inset feed  micro strip circular patch antennas to achieve beam forming with directivity around 13dB  which is required to overcome part of high path loss challenge for high data rate mm-5G mobile station application. Four element 2x2 array consists of two 1x2 circular patch antenna arrays based on power divider and quarter wavelength transition lines as a matching circuits. The designed  antenna array is simulated on Rogers RT 5880 dielectric substrate with properties of 0.5mm thickness, and dielectric constant =2.2 by using Computer System Technology (CST) software. The performances in terms of return loss, 3D–radiation pattern are evaluated at 28 GHz frequency band. The design also include the possibility of inserting four identical 2x2 antenna arrays at four edges of mobile station substrate to achieve broad space coverage by steering the beams of the mobile station arrays.

Author Biography

Salim Abdulla Hasan, Alhadba University College

Computer Engineering Department


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Antennas, Radars and Radiowave Propagation