IR detection module with integrated real-time FIR filter implemented in FPGA



Infrared detectors are usually characterized by 1/f noise when operating with biasing. This type of noise significantly reduces detection capabilities for low-level and slow signals. There are a few methods to reduce the influence of 1/f noise, like filtering or chopper stabilization with lock-in. Using the first one, a simple 1st-order analog low-pass filter built-in amplifier usually cuts off 1/f noise fluctuations at low frequencies. In comparison, the stabilization technique modulates the signal transposing to a higher frequency with no 1/f noise and then demodulates it back (lock-in amplifiers). However, the flexible tuned device, which can work precisely at low frequencies, is especially desirable in some applications, e.g., optical spectroscopy or interferometry. The paper describes a proof-of-concept of an IR detection module with an adjustable digital filter taking advantage of finite impulse response type. It is based on the high-resolution analog-to-digital converter, field-programmable gate array, and digital-to-analog converter. A microcontroller with an implemented user interface ensures control of such a prepared filtering path. The module is a separate component with the possibility of customization and can be used in experiments or applications in which the reduction of noises and unexpected interferences is needed.


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