Instantaneous frequency estimation of multicomponent non- stationary signals using Fourier Bessel series and Time-Varying Auto Regressive Model

Ravi Shankar Reddy Gosula, Rameshwar Rao


In this paper, we propose a novel technique for Instantaneous frequency (IF) estimation of multi component non stationary signals using Fourier Bessel Series and Time–Varying Auto Regressive (FB-TVAR) model. In the proposed technique, the Fourier-Bessel (FB) expansion decomposes the multicomponent non stationary signal into a number of monocomponent signals and TVAR model is used to model each monocomponent signal. In TVAR modeling approach the time varying parameters are expanded as a linear combination of basis functions. In this paper, the TVAR parameters are expanded by a discrete cosine basis functions. The maximum likelihood estimation algorithm for model order selection in TVAR models is also discussed. The Instantaneous frequency (IF) is extracted from the time-varying parameters by calculating the angles of the estimation error filter polynomial roots. The estimation of the TVAR parameters of a multicomponent signal requires the inversion of a large covariance matrix, while the projected technique (FB-TVAR) requires the inversion of a number of comparatively small covariance matrices with better numerical stability properties. Simulation results are presented for three component discrete Amplitude and Frequency modulated(AM-FM)signal

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