ARIES – development of accelerator technology in Europe 2017-2020: global and local consequences

Ryszard S. Romaniuk


The article describes chosen, yet key parts of newly established European, infrastructural research and development project ARIES (2017-2020) - Accelerator Research and Innovation for European Science and Society, to be realized inside the framework of the H2020 programme. Two institutions from Poland participate in ARIES – these are Warsaw University of Technology and Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology. ARIES is a topical continuation of the previous infrastructural accelerator projects realized uninterruptedly since 2003 – FP6 CARE – Coordinated Accelerator Research in Europe and FP7 TIARA – Test Infrastructure and Accelerator Research Area, EuCARD – European Coordination for Accelerator Research and Development, and EuCARD2. The article is simultaneously a part of a series of papers concerning the participation of Polish doctoral students and young researchers, especially from the Warsaw University of Technology, in large European and world experiments of the discovery class, including building large research infrastructures like: FLASH and EXFEL, ESS, ITER and DEMO, IFMIF, but also satellites built by the ESA, etc. ARIES embraces, among others, the following subjects: energy efficiency and management, cost lowering, miniaturization and ultra-high field gradients, promotion innovation, industrial applications, societal implications, new materials and components, new methods of particles acceleration including laser-plasma-particles interaction, and building new generations of systems.

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